Though we travel the world to find the beautiful

we must carry it with us or we find it not

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Avenue Montaigne......and the "House of Dior"

       Wishing you all a very safe and healthy 2012

              I am re-posting one of my earliest "All Things French" posts
which reminds me of my first ever visit to the elegant "House of Dior" and the
trepidation I felt on that day - it was the start of my love affair with that
    wonderful city called Paris

I look forward to revisiting you all in the New Year
A Bientot  xxx


~Avenue Montaigne ~


How I love the sheer elegance and style of this fabulous Avenue
running right off the Champs Elysee ~ lined from end to end with a who's~ who list of labels
Dior - Chanel - Nina Ricci - Bvlgari ~ Prada


On my very first holiday in Paris I walked down this fabulous street feeling very apprehensive
I had dressed in what I thought appropriate for the day
(Black tailored pants - black roll neck skivvy - black stilettos - with chunky gold jewellry and of course Big fashion sunglasses ) on arrival I suddenly felt very inferior very out-of-place.

I looked across the street to see a big limousine pull up at the entrance to"Christian Dior " and amid a flurry of activity betwixt chauffeur and Concierge a tres elegant lady entered through the beautiful glass doors - I had fully intended to visit Dior - I went through the mind set - They don't know who I am and if I'm refused entry does it really matter in the big picture! So I crossed the street and walked up to the glass doors - the gorgeous concierge smiled, opened the doors and ushered me in - I was totally awe-struck - it spoke of everything luxurious,opulent and feminine- An assistant asked if I would like a little spitz of perfume - bien sur!! I chose -Miss Dior Cherie - and have loved this perfume ever since.


The intimate boutique- as one first enters- has on display perfumes - gorgeous scarves- belts and many other beautiful accessories - I would have to say I was treated very respectfully and left the shop with a warm heart and a spring in my step .
Now onto Chanel and Bvlgari and Nina Ricci...... !!


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