Though we travel the world to find the beautiful

we must carry it with us or we find it not

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tourettes Sur Loup.......

~ Tourettes-Sur-Loup ~

I set out early one morning on the local bus from Vence in the hills behind the Cote d'azure
 with a plan to visit the wonderful city of Grasse and go dab dabbing
in the prestigious perfume houses of Fragonard Molinard and Gallinard
Along the way I stopped for lunch at this delightful little medieval village
with the wonderful name of Tourrettes-Sur-Loup

It wasn't long before the heavens opened and in the deluge
I missed my connecting bus to Grasse !!
no ~Molinard de Moulinard~ pour moi

This is one of the few pics I managed to take while the sun was still smiling
I must go back!

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La Table De Nana said...

J'adore ce lieu.
Ce fut magique pour moi~

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... said...

Lovely village. Too bad for Grasse. There is always a next time. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Rick Forrestal said...

Oo la la . . . I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog.
I love these photos of the French country and Paris.
More, please . . .

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Dianne,

How beautiful the village is, love all the stone.
I am sure you will get to visit Grasse next time.

Have a lovely week

helen tilston said...

Hello Dianne

I love this post and your blog.
I am your new follower and look forward to knowing your blog
Helen Tilstonx

Anonymous said...

Wow - so charming! A lovely shot.

Dianne said...

Helen:- Thank you for visiting and following my blog !

Monique said...

Quelle belle région !

Kristin said...

Dear Dianne, this looks so lovely and the last post on parisian reflections.....oh, heaven!!! Thanks for very nice comment! You were so right when you thought you saw a caring heart in my son. That's him! So caring! Have a lovely day!

Kristi n xo

Cezar and Léia said...

This picture is adorable!A perfect and special postcard from France!

Leon and Sue Sims said...

Both Grasse and Vence are on our visiting list for next year while on the way to Saint Remy for a week.

Carla said...

HI Dianne,
I adore this shot. It's one of those ones that makes every one fall in love with Provence. HOpe you are well. Carla

Georgianna said...

But what a place to be caught in the rain! So beautiful and so inviting. A must to return to for future explorations! xo – g

Pascal and Isabella Inard said...

My grandma had a mas provençal in Grasse an I spent so many happy holidays there. I particularly love Tourettes sur loup and have featured both Grasse and Tourettes sur Loup, along with many other places, in my book "Dear France, sweet country of my childhood".
The photos on your blog are really beautiful, well done.
A bientot.

carmen said...

Trés Belle!!! una foto expectacular

BriGt said...

Absolutely gorgeous capture !
love the colours... the texture of the walls.. love this !

Elizabeth Garden! said...

Fantastically beautifull!


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