Though we travel the world to find the beautiful

we must carry it with us or we find it not

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rue Lepic in the 18th.....

Rambling around the backstreet of MontMartre


 Rue Lepic passes by this French restaurant
~ Le Temps des Cerises ~
literally meaning the time of the cherries
what a lovely name for a parisian eatery

Then  further down Le Moulin de Galette
where Pierre Renoir painted his famous oil on canvas
~ Au Bal du Moulin Galette ~
A steep walk both ways -  but well worth the effort
lots of art galleries - wrought iron balconies
 and beautiful honey coloured timber doorways.

Pierre August Renoir   1876
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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Dianne,

Brought back happy memories, we dined at the restaurant one night and our apartment was on the next block.
Walked up and down that street many times.
Most of the streets around montmatre were steep.

Happy rest of the week

Divine Theatre said...

Some day I will go...

C. JoyBell C. said...

How lovely! Perhaps I will stop by there some time .. :)

La Table De Nana said...

We have been watching a wonderful DVD set..DiStasio in France.. It's so wonderful..Montmartre and Clothilde Dusoulier..:) Paris.. Le marias.. Provence..I am loving it all..

Thank you for your lovely French posts~

Sylvia K said...

Ah, thanks for the lovely memories of Paris and France! Delightful captures! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


Aris Whittier said...

They must be exceptional parallel parkers…LOL…so beautiful! I shall diner there some day.

Virginia said...

WE had lunch at Le Moulin de Galette and it was VERY good. Worth this hike up. I"ll have to run my photos from outside very soon!

Mary said...

Your photos are all so lovely. You allow a virtual holiday through the country that I really enjoy. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary and evocative of Paris

myfrenchkitchen said...

What a lovely new header! and beautiful phototgraphy..

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Love your photos and will have to put this area on my list for April! Wish you could be there with me too!


Owen said...

Oh boy, looks like someone has more than a passing passion for Paris... Thanks for dropping by the Lantern Show !

Georgianna said...

Yes, your new header is just marvelous, Dianne! As are the photos in this post, sigh. Thank you and wishing you a wonderful spring week! – g

Ann said...

Nice images...always.
Love your blog,
and what it is about.
Someday I will be there ♥

Cezar and Léia said...

What a charming street! I would stop for several days there! ;)
Thanks for taking us with you in this promenade!

Fleurette said...

Bonsoir ma chére Dianne, trés magnifique photos!!!
Paris, Je t'aime:)
Bisous du coeur

Suzi said...

Dear Dianne,
This indeed brought back many memories for me. This was our stomping ground last time we were in Paris. We walked by this restaurant everyday and ate at the Moulin de la Galette! restaurant of the same name.
It is truly a magical part of Paris.
I love the old worldiness of it all.
This time for me a different view of Paris. I am so looking forward to exploring once again...although I will miss this part as well.


Genie said...

Dianne... I am thrilled you stumbled upon my blog. I am of French daddy was I have immediately fallen in love with your blog. A number of years back I finally fulfilled a dreamy of mine go to Giverny and spend several days just soaking in the beauty. I adore Monet (#1), Van Gogh (#2) and Degas (#3), andRenoir (#4). I’ve visited Paris 3 times and also Arles, so all of your beautiful pictures bring back so many memories. About my camera...I LOVE my Canon Rebel XSi and have added 3 extra. It is the best Canon I have ever had. I also have a new Canon Point and Shoot - it lives in my purse -which has a touch screen all the way across the back - a Digital Elf SD 3500IS. It is great. I recommend the Rebel 100%. My son and daughter also have it and recommend it highly. I have joined you blog roll and will be back to see you ofter.
Hugs...the Other Genie

Genie said...

Dianne...Sorry about my typing in bed before daylight...if you are wondering what I added....I added 3 lens to the great one that came with the camera so am a very happy camper. The Other Genie

chateaudelille said...

I hope I get to see this part of Paris when I go next. Fiona

Malyss said...

Thank you for your visit on my blog! It's fun for me, all those foreign people who love France so much! i'm always interested to discover how you're seeing us and our country.. I always dreamed about Australia, I must confess! but had never the opportunity to visit it:(

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

The buildings all look so clean, and I just love the wrought iron balconies.

VenetiaMicio said...

Sais-tu Chère Dianne, que Auguste Renoir a peint son Bal du Moulin de la Galette, entre les deux moulins, "le Blute-fin" et "le Radet", celui de la rue Lepic est le Radet...C'était un vrai moulin autrefois (on faisait des galettes) devenu une guinguette (où on uvait plutôt du vin ensuite) du temps des peintres, tel Vincent Van Gohg et Henri Toulouse-Lautrec qui ont fait des tableaux aussi. Le moulin Radet est le seul moulin en état de marche sur la Butte de Montmartre.


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