Though we travel the world to find the beautiful

we must carry it with us or we find it not

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful Colours & Flavours of Provence......

~Soupe a l'oignon Francais and Tarte au Citron~

As you can tell I am totally in love with
the rich tapestry that makes up Provence.
here in Australia I get the same feeling
when stepping off the plane in northern Queensland.
That warmth that envelopes me and
puts a smile on my face
it's indescribable !!

~pretty little village of Eygalieres~

My very best memories are of the people~
the food and the beautiful deep rich colours
Sunflowers~ Lavenders
and village markets with their abundance
of fruits & vegetables in every colour

I have loved the pretty collages that other people
use from time to time on their posts
& so this is my first attempt
I hope you like it.
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La Table De Nana said...

As if you had always made them..:) Thank you..

Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

Yes that warmth of Australia is undescriable.

Joyful said...

Beautiful post and lovely photos. I've always wanted to go to Provence. Perhaps some day ;-)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Dianne,

Love the beautiful mosaic you have shown today.
The rich colours that make up a wonderful tapestry. Thank you for showing us all this beauty.

Happy Sunday

Anonymous said...

Hi Dianne

Your collage is beautiful! All the colours, so lovely!! I really enjoy seeing all your photos! Thanks for sharing.


Shell Sherree said...

I love your collage, Dianne ~ you have a wonderful eye for it! Those colours are glorious and happy, aren't they.

Passione Helena said...

Of colors and flavors definitely not lacking in your beautiful collage!
Mission accomplished!

How nice atmosphere and warmth that you felt that way.

Happy Sunday
Dear greetings, Helena

Cezar and Léia said...

Yummy colours! :)
God bless you!

Kellie Collis said...

The pictures are beautiful! Even made more beautiful after being "collaged". Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Love your collages, which programme did you use??

"All things French" said...

Hi Anne- I used Picasa 3 - so much fun editing photos - some times it looks good other-times a disaster !!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oh, how I love your collage! It's a bit of sunshine on a cloudy day. Hope you'll do more in days to come.


Anonymous said...

Lovely collages diane...and I love that quaint village of Eygaliers!

Tatieva art said...

C'est magique et enchanteur, cette mosaïque de couleurs et de soleil... Tout est si lumineux, en Provence ! Et le temps n'a pas la même saveur...

Anh said...

Just discover your blog today and it's amazing...

Anonymous said...

Your collage works beautifully! They are fun to do, no?
Oh Provence: I dream of it often. We rented a house in Goult one September and are (sort of??) planning something again. We shall see!

Georgianna said...

Wonderful memories and a beautiful collage, Dianne!

VenetiaMicio said...

Quelle surprise Eygalières, j'habite là et c'était le jour où le village se remettait à l'heure de la foire de la Ste Thérèse avec les costumes d'autrefois....En plus en ce début du mois d'octobre il faisait un temps merveilleux et l'ambiance était vraiment sympathique, j'ai vraiment apprécié cestte journée. Bravo pour la photo devant la librairie du village, nous nous sommes peut-être croisées


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